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Thursday 18th July 2024, 7:30 p.m.


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OC U12 Blue Triumphs in Surrey U12 Waterfall Cup Birch Gold Final

On a spirited Sunday morning, April 28, the OC U12 Blue team showcased what rugby is all about — an unwavering spirit of teamwork, sportsmanship, and the sheer joy of the game. In a heart-racing final against Old Rutlishians, our young champions clinched a glorious 7-1 victory in the Surrey U12 Waterfall Cup Birch Gold final, held at the welcoming grounds of Camberley RFC.

A display of teamwork and determination

From the get-go, OC U12 Blue took the field with a palpable energy that translated into straight running and slick passing, quickly overcoming the defences of Old Ruts with three early tries. It was a showcase of rugby at its finest, with our boys demonstrating skill, coordination, and pure grit.

Despite a commendable fightback from Old Ruts, who managed to score a try, the resilience and unmatched defensive line speed of our OCs were the talk of the day. Their courageous tackling throughout the match did not just protect our lead but served as the foundation for a memorable win. These efforts underscored the climax of a season that has been about growth, teamwork, and learning – a testament to the hard work of our players and coaches.

By the end of the match, further triumphs unfolded with four additional tries putting an exuberant cap on the day. With tries scored by Henry J (x2), Henry M, Tommy D, Tommy H, Louis G, and Oli L, the diversity in our scoring line-up speaks volumes about the collective effort and versatility within our team.

The final score did not reflect the work rate of Old Ruts, nor the closeness of the play. Clinical finishing and final line defensive strength were the difference makers

A heartfelt thank you

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Old Ruts for a brilliant and spirited match. The game was played in the best traditions of rugby, highlighting respect, camaraderie, and competition. We would also like to extend a very special thank you to Camberley RFC for hosting the finals day and aiding in creating unforgettable memories for our teams and their supporters.

Looking forward

The joy and smiles on our boys’ faces at the final whistle were a fitting end to an incredible match and season. This victory is not just a testament to their hard work and dedication but a promise of the heights OC U12s aspire to reach in the future.

We look forward to next season with enthusiasm and a commitment to keep growing, learning, and enjoying this beautiful game together. Here’s to more matches like this, where the enduring spirit of rugby shines brightest.

Match Report: A Spirited Game Marks the End of a Winning Streak

On a wet Sunday, the 28th of April, the OC U12 Whites faced off against the Old Emanuel / Kingston BaaBaas in a rugby match that promised excitement and delivered in heaps. It was a day where camaraderie shone brightly while the sun hid, embodying the very essence of the sport we hold dear.

The final score, 7 – 4 in favour of the BaaBaas, doesn’t capture the sheer energy and spirit displayed on the field. The match kicked off with high energy from OCs, only for the early minutes to see them drop a try. However, showing the resilience and teamwork emblematic of their season, they quickly regrouped and replied with vigour.

The match’s heart lay not only in the tries scored but in the remarkable moments that highlighted the sportsmanship inherent in rugby. There was an even stretch of play where both teams showcased their skills, making it clear this was anyone’s game. Despite facing some injuries and the tactical substitution by the BaaBaas bringing on fresh legs, the defining element of the first half was Evander’s spectacular defensive work, which set a new benchmark for determination and grit.

The scoreboard read 6-2 as the first half closed, but the match was far from over. The second half saw an exhilarating exchange with Jay, Ethan, and Zain making powerful runs in the middle, while Lochie and Tom dazzled with their agility on the wings. The OCs clawed back, narrowing the gap and reminding everyone of the indomitable spirit this team harbours.

This encounter brought an end to a three-match winning streak for the OC U12 Whites, but every player walked off that pitch taller, having demonstrated phenomenal growth in skill, team spirit, and confidence throughout the season.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the Old Emanuel / Kingston BaaBaas for a game played in the truest spirit of rugby – competitive yet friendly, with moments like the ongoing, light-hearted banter between the scrum-halves bringing smiles all around.

Into next season, we carry forward the strength, lessons, and camaraderie from this day, ready to tackle whatever comes our way with the same zeal and unity. Cheers to our team and our fantastic rugby family!

OC U16s team photo

Match Report: U16s Triumph in Quins Cup Tier 2 Finals

In a riveting conclusion to the season, OC U16s faced off against Old Reigations in the highly anticipated Quins Cup Tier 2 finals. This match, filled with intensity, resilience, and a spectacular comeback, will be remembered as a fitting finale to an impressive season.

First Half Highlights

The match saw the OCs trailing by double-digits in what seemed like a moment. A nerve-wracking start that challenged the team’s morale. However, demonstrating unwavering spirit and determination, the forwards stepped up, navigating through the phases with skill and creating pivotal opportunities. Their efforts saw OCs slicing through Old Reigations’ defence to bring the score to a nail-biting 15-12.

An untimely yellow card and injuries to key players momentarily disrupted the team’s rhythm, allowing Old Reigations to extend their lead to 22-12 by half-time. Despite the setbacks, the team’s resolve remained unshaken.

The Turning Point

The half-time team talk was succinct yet impactful. The message was clear: “Trust the process, believe in yourselves, and go again.” These words reignited the team’s fire, setting the stage for an awe-inspiring second half.

The forwards laid down the foundation, setting the platform for an attack that saw the backs turn the tide with clinical precision. One of the season’s most memorable tries followed, meticulously finished by Liam but emblematic of the entire team’s effort. With 10 minutes left on the clock, OCs had turned the game around to lead 27-22.

A Herculean Defense

Old Reigations, finding a second wind, pressed hard, but OCs mounted a heroic defense. Their iron-willed determination ensured no further points were conceded, clinching a 27-22 victory. This win, without conceding a point in the second half, underscored an exceptional team effort and is a testament to the team’s growth over the season.

A Fitting Send-Off

The match also served as a poignant farewell for Coach Rich, who, after 11 years of dedication, will be taking a sabbatical. The victory was a fitting tribute to his years of service, made possible by the players’ commitment and hard work.

Looking ahead, the U16s joining forces with a talented U17 group promise a compelling and fiercely competitive Colts team for the 24/25 season. Special thanks are extended to all coaches, parents, and especially the players, whose perseverance and commitment to rugby and to each other have been truly commendable.

In the words of Coach Alex, “Rugby is a hard sport, you have all done yourselves proud.” This victory not only marks the end of the season but also lays the foundation for future successes. The stage is set.

Quins’ Beard watches mates at OCs

Five recent Cranleigh School alumni played for the senior 1st XV, watched by their school mate, Harlequins Oscar Beard. A great match, narrowly lost to promoted Old Tiffinians ended with the boys wearing similar vibrant shirts to those on view on the Minis Tour….these are the everlasting values of our great game – play hard, then play hard with mates you may well share for life. 

OC players’ Harlequins Acadamy success

Congratulations to Barney, Thomas and Jack in our U16s squad who progressed to the next stage of the Harlequins Developing Player Programme.

Barney has made the full squad. Thomas and Jack continue in the extended squad. A brilliant achievement, recognising their hard work, skills and positive attitude.

Only 90 players were selected from the whole of Surrey and Sussex for the DPP and an additional 40 to 50 in the Extended squad.