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OC Rugby league Champions - with a game to spare!

OC Rugby lost in the National Semi-Final of the RFU Senior Vase to Saltash - we wish them good luck at Twickenham in May.

OC U-15 girls play their first ever match!

OC Rugby win the RFU Junior Vase at Twickenham!
OCRFC 1st XV Champions of Surrey 1 for 2015/16
Mini Rugby: big success at OC

OC Fixtures

1st XV Fixtures & Results 2020-21

Leagues will be divided into two conferences each of which will play the other teams in their own conference home and away, before playing the teams in the other conference, ideally home and away or possibly once only if time is limited. In the event of a curtailed season the League champion may be determined by a play-off between the leaders of each conference.


The initial fixture list gives the initial conference fixtures with dates starting on the 7th November and with the fixtures against the other conference teams stated but with no dates. Should we not be able to start on the due date then each fixture as it is postponed will roll forward onto the 'Next Available Weekend', in advance of the fixtures against the other conference.


The OCRFC 1st XV play in London 3 SW

2nd XV Fixtures and Results
B XV Fixtures and Results

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            OCs first
24 Oct 3 pm          
31 Oct 3 pm          
7 Nov 2.30 pm Old Georgians H L    
14 Nov 2.30 pm Warlingham A L    
21 Nov 2.30 pm Old Walcountians H L    
28 Nov 2.30 pm Weybridge Vandals A L    
5 Dec 2 pm Old Emanuel H L    
12 Dec 2 pm Old Emanuel A L    
19 Dec 2 pm Old Georgians A L    
2 Jan 2 pm   H L    

9 Jan

2 pm Warlingham H L    
16 Jan 2 pm Old Walcountians A L    
23 Jan 2 pm Weybridge Vandals H L    
30 Jan 2 pm          
6 Feb 2.30 pm          
    Basingstoke A L    
    Trojans H L    
    Petersfield A L    
    Andover H L    
    Portsmouth A L    
    Alton H L    
    Trojans A L    
    Basingstoke H L    
    Andover A L    
    Petersfield H L    
    Alton A L    
    Portsmouth H L    



H/A = Home / Away
L/C = League / Cup (blank = friendly or other)
Res = Result Win / Loss (OC score 1st)